2021 Feeding God's Children T-Shirt Design

Adobe Illustrator

FGC Type

Feeding God’s Children (FGC) was an initiative created to incentivize and promote members to host events to give back to their communities. Some such events were food drives, clothing collections for the homeless, cleaning the ground of churches just to name a few.

The letters to the left were made custom to provide FGC in 2021 with its with its own identity and to better flow with the design on the front of the shirt.

Every year FGC creates a shirt for the members hosting or participating in events to wear to show their pride in giving back to those whom may not be as fortunate as themselves. This year’s shirt, as voted by the membership, was a slate/blue gray color. Looking back at previous year’s shirts, I tried to select colors that were both unique as well as complimentary to the shirt color.

The design on the front of the shirt combines three symbols: a heart representing love and compassion, a hand outstretched representing charity, and an anchor representing safety and religious devotion. The back of the shirt bares a passage from the bible, under which FGC was founded. A white cross is created among the letters and the highlighted letters in yellow are an anagram for “Feeding God’s Children”.

Front T-Shirt Back T-Shirt

Adopt A Seminarian

Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Indesign

AAS Logo

Adopt A Seminarian (AAS) is a program I was able to relaunch with help from the Fraternal Outreach and Marketing teams after a few years of inactivity. We met and decided the program needed a redesign. Creating the logo came first; the chalice, cross, and Eucharist are symbols of not only Catholicism but also of Seminarians and were obvious choices for imagery to represent the program. The inner most circle is divided into three parts, each of which represents an aspect of the Holy Trinity.

In re-branding the program we wanted to create materials that would allow the children the Seminarians visit or correspond with, to participate in a fun way. That is when the coloring pages were created, using symbols like a priest, a nun, a rose window, etc. All of the coloring pages started out as drawings and were traced in Adobe Illustrator.

The use of brighter blues and yellows were to both tie into the branding materials of the parent company as a whole but also to light up the room, so to speak, when you saw them.

AAS Fall Forum Handout
Coloring 1 Coloring 2 Coloring 3
Coloring 4 Coloring 5 Coloring 6

Catholic Forester Magazine

Layouts in Adobe InDesign, some supplementary materials created in Adobe Illustrator

Catholic Forester magazine is filled to the brim with member stories written by Editors and Fraternal Outreach Coordinators, advertisements created with the help of Marketing, and several other departments contributing in their own special ways. It would be fitting to say that each magazine, published six times a year, is an “all hands on deck” type of project.

Working with another designer, we would collect what we needed from across the various departments to work out a layout and design the pages in a way that is both professional and reflective of the membership which makes this magazine possible.

Information design is one of my passions, so I jumped at the chance to work on a spread like you see to the right. All of the icons were made custom for this page, showing that just like the membership, on which this magazine is focused, we don’t mind putting in the extra work if it will lead to worthwhile gains.

Blue was the dominant color for the section of the magazine that this spread appeared in. Using various tints, shades, and hues, I divided out the information to promote readability. People, in my experience, do not want to pour over long paragraphs of text and the same can be said for long lists of numbers. Breaking up the information and using a lot of icons, graphics, and even a photo allows the reader to keep engaged with the page and with the information being conveyed.

Catholic Forester is first and foremost a showcase of our members, young, old, or otherwise. Nearly every issue of the year totes stats about membership growth or galleries of photos depicted the wonderful ways the members gave back to their communities either through service or monetary donations. There galleries tend to inspire members from all over the country to emulate one another, created a powerful feedback loop of kindness and good deeds.

Wayward: The Start of a Great Journey

Summer 2019, Adobe Photoshop, Digital Painting

Wayward Darra

One of my many passions is character design and development. It all starts in my head where there is a spark of a character and before long, my mind is consumed in an inferno. I cannot stop thinking about that character until I put all those ideas onto the page.

On the right you see my first sketch of Darra. She is a dragon rider from the mountainous land of the Dread Hills. The man beside her is her husband Loren who is from a warring nation. I decided to do this digital painting to represent the start of their journey, before Darra has found her one dragon who she will Forge-Bond with. I think this is a very pivotal moment in the journey and that is why I chose this moment and they are looking forward towards a floating castle which is the first stop on their way.

Social Media Advertisements

Adobe Photoshop, sized for Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram

Twitter Twitter ad
Facebook ad Facebook
Insta ad Insta ad 2

Launching a social media campaign can be time consuming and tedious, but it can really speak to a company’s professionalism. That was the goal of launching a social media campaign; life insurance agents could present a united look and feel even across state lines with this series of advertisements. With the help of the Marketing department, we found photos, wrote scripts, and sized each advertisement to fit within the parameters of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn. This is a small collection of the catalog available to agents, but it represents the style of ad we were trying to accomplish. Bright and vibrant, while also professional and simple. The goal is to sell life insurance, so appealing to life, through hiking trips, relationships, saving for college and your goals were all images and feelings we tried to evoke with this series of advertisements.

Project Logos

Adobe Illustrator

March Court Spotlight

March for Life
For this logo, the guideline were simple and straight-forward: Use a lively blue color and create something that can be used on signage or printed on materials like t-shirts and hats, etc. With those two things in mind I started with some light research and saw that flowers were a symbol of the March for Life movement. I chose this bright blue and drew out a flower, nesting it within a series of circles and type to provide a strong shape that was very easily printed on hats and shirts. The type below the logo was used on printed materials with only the emblem being used on the hats and shirts.

Court Connections
A redesign for the Court Connections newsletter logo was initiated as part of the process of revamping the entire newsletter. A fellow designer worked with me to generate ideas and from there we went about actualizing those ideas as logos. My design for the logo created a “C” out of a newsletter and, similar to email or mail icons, uses an arrow to suggest movement or delivery of information.

Volunteer Spotlight
With this program, I knew I needed to go a different style than some of the other logos and materials I designed previously. I wanted smooth shapes and gradients off-set by the sharp diagonal lines in the background, on which the logo was required to sit. The font requested was a slab serif with no stress or contrast in its form. For the “VS” mark I wanted a uniform thickness throughout to pay homage to that type choice below. The ray of blue light was added to visually convey the idea of a spotlight and to add depth to the logo itself.

Custom Lettering

Adobe Illustrator, used in slide presentations


Keeping the office up to date on important events and holidays is an important task. Using the screens placed throughout the office, I could keep everyone current on the happenings of the month. To do this I create custom graphics, including these segments of type to add a personalized touch to holiday PowerPoints and short videos create in After Effects. With each I tried to capture the essence of the holiday through form as well as color.