Nolan Boyce

About the Designer

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Growing up in a budding town in Illinois with supportive parents and family lead me down the path of art
pretty early. I grew up in love with anime and manga which later developed into a passion for comic books. Along the way,
I learned how to draw from life and found my true passion: Graphic Design. It just took a couple supportive teachers
and a passion to create.

I have two sisters who are two of my best friends and are always willing to lend their opinions or ideas about my work, they're
my support system and I couldn't have made it where I am without them.

My design process always starts on paper with research, doodles, notes, and drawings and I owe that to my background in drawing.
I like to incorporate hand-drawn elements whenever I can because I love the imperfections that can be so easily fixed digitally,
but are less easy to fix with analog media.

Get In Touch

Contact Info:

The best way to reach me is through an email, if you have any questions about my work, drawings, or if you want to talk about a commission or freelance project feel free to contact me.

Email: boyce.noland@gmail.com
Phone: (331) 442 7813