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Festivalen av Norge


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History of the Bunad

April 22–September 27, 2019

Come out and see the history of the bunad, a traditional Norwegian dress worn for special occasions. The bunad changes across the regions of Norway, making each unique. The patterning that decorates the bunad, all hand sewn, is a painstaking but produces has a beautiful result and incorporates traditional prints and patterns of wildlife and the foliage of Norway.


The Founding of Norway

June 4–July 4, 2019

The story of Norway’s founding and how it gained independence is a thrilling tale marked by war and conflict, but also by prosperity and a strong sense of nationalism. Follow the story of Norway from the time of the Viking Kings into modern times where democracy reigns and the economy booms. Take this trip via a narrated tour of ancient artifacts, colossal paintings, and modern pictures and videos documenting Norway as a country and as a people.

Courses We Offer

Traditional Food Course: Norwegian Pancakes


Learn how to make a classic Norwegian dish that will stun your family and make them come asking for seconds. These pancakes are simple enough for even the worst cook to make with ease, but are perfect for every breakfast occasion.

For the first time ever, we are teaching you Sylvi Kvalheim’s secret recipe to make these light and flavorful pancakes. Stuff them with lingonberries, brown sugar, hazelnut spread, or any of your other favorite toppings and enjoy!

The History of Fjord

The Story of the Kvalheims

Eric Kvalheim and his Daughter
Karen Kvalheim

The Kvalheims created Fjord to create a unique experience focused on learning through observation as well as practice. Their commitment for learning comes from their love of Norway and its rich history. Follow this link to learn about how a young mother escaped Norway in World War II only to return to start a museum with her son and how the museum is still family run today!