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Yu-Gi-Oh! Speed Dueling is Here

yugi_castFollowing the huge success of the mobile game Duel Links a new format of the card game has come into existance. Using skills similar to the mobile game and special cards designed for this format. Speed dueling cards can be used in conjunction with standard cards in official tournaments and the like, but standard cards are not permitted in Speed Duels. We will see if this introductory format will see a rise in new Yu-Gi-Oh TCG players or if this will be a new format for more casual players to enjoy in much the same way as the mobile game.


dv_22Darth Vader #22

Once again Vader comes to life on the page. This time he serves his master by embarking on a mission to capture a scientist, who betrayed the Empire, named Cylo. Like all things in Vader's life though, hardship will accompany him on this mission.


Marvel: Carmen Carnero to Draw Newest Captain Marvel Title

cap_marvKnown for her contributions to such DC titles as Wonder Woman, Detective Comics, Supergirl, Astro City, Suicide Squad to name a few, and Marvel titles like Punisher, Cyclops, and X-Men Red, its clear that this title is in good hands. The run of this new comic will begin in January and co-drawn by Kelly Thompson.

Story by George Marston, NEWSaRAMA contributor

ww_56Wonder Woman #56

In this continuation of The Witching Hour, our favorite greek goddess faces off once again against Hecate. Assistance by Justice League Dark isn't enough and our Amazoness Princess may have to tap the very power that Hecate desires to defeat the evil goddess.


Movie News: Mike Mignola Brings Cast of Hellboy
to New York Comic Con

hellFamed artist by many of our favorite Hellboy stories and comics, Mike Mignola, showed off the cast of the newest Hellboy movie at New York's Comic Con. The cast participated in a panel discussion and a signing session. The movie hits theaters April 12th.

Story by NEWSaRAMA Staff

av_9Avengers #9

A fan favorite, Namor, returns to the page in this issue of Avengers. The seas are ripe with conflict and Atlantis can no longer welcome the surface-dwelling Avengers as they face the dawn of war. Namor however, has a plan that will change the world entirely.