Fjord Company Identity

Spring 2019, Adobe Illustrator


Fjord was a non-profit organization I created and branded as a museum focused on education of Norwegian culture and history to the people of Norway. I thought the idea of a Fjord, a valley slowly carved by icebergs and filled with water over time was a perfect allegory for how history is formed. Fjords also have a connection to Norway because they're tourist attractions, and the city I based it in has a Fjord nearby and no history or cultural museums.

The hardest part was creating the logo, once that was done, I set off applying it to everything from business cards, promotional posters, and a mailer, which you see here. I also created a letterhead, an envelope, and a moving logo. Ultimately, the logo was conceptualized by thinking about a way to visually convey the idea of a Fjord, bring that into the type for the logo and then establishing a color palette for the brand. I sampled colors from pictures of Fjords and traditional Norwegian clothes which led me to a mix of blues, creams, and greens.
Visit Fjord's Website.

promotion brochure mailer

Mutually Assured Deconstruction Poster

Fall 2018, Adobe Photoshop, 24"x36"


For this project I had two specifications:

1) The project had to draw aesthetic influence from the 1990’s Deconstruction movement in graphic design.

2) It had to center around either and issue of peace, social justice, or the environment.

I chose to do mine on peace and was instantly drawn to concerns of nuclear proliferation around the world. I used jarring images and colors to instill the sense of destruction possible with nuclear weapons. The concept of M.A.D. (Mutually Assured Destruction) became the focal point of the work. I reached the peace subject of the piece by including quotes from influential figures and by providing the viewer with the devastating images of Chernobyl and one survivor of the bombs dropped on Japan at the end of WWII.

To invoke the 90's Deconstruction movement I obscured type and pushed readability at key points in the poster.


Spring 2018, Adobe Illustrator

Information design was my focus on this project. I found an old informational graphic and redesigned it to include more information than it previously did. The graphic is depicting how relative brain size is associated with intelligence. Beings with closer ratios of brain to body weight are seen as more intelligent than those with more exaggerated ratios. I sub-divided the species of animals into categories based on what kind of diets they lead and did some of my own research which you see in the upper left-hand corner of the piece.



Spring 2018, Adobe Illustrator, 24"x36"


This TELL (Tales of English Language Learners) piece was a part of a larger traveling show in which the goal was to tell the stories of English Language Learners in America. With the assistance of educators, we were able to tell the stories of these students through these posters. Mio is an exchange student from Japan and loves pinks and purples as well as cats. I included these elements for this reason. I also included an abstracted cherry blossom tree, a scroll-like banner, and Japanese hand writing
(courtesy of Mio) to draw her heritage into the poster.

Save the Whales

Fall 2018, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe After Effects, Adobe Audition


After reading the brief description, follow the link to view the video!

The capture and display of orca whales are something that has gotten a lot of coverage over recent years. Most places do not actively capture whales to be included in shows, but many still are captive from a time when they still did. These whales have been kept because their horrible conditions have made them unfit for the wild. Their dorsal fins droop, their behavior becomes more erratic, and their life-span is cut by two-thirds to name a few effects of captivity on orca whales. I made this video to perhaps inspire someone to look into the issue and that person may be able to help.

I chose a generally blue palette for obvious connections to the water, but I used a variety of blues to create depth and achieve a certain monochromatic look. The places where blue isn’t used is very intentional. The red is meant to symbolize bloodshed, both of the trainers that lost their lives to these unstable whales and also the whales who have suffered the most, both physically and mentally.


Mock Client: MoMA

Spring 2018, Adobe InDesign

For this project I used images and text from The Museum of Modern Art to construct this poster. The text is related to several courses one can take through MoMA. I wanted to push the tension of the piece by pressing bits of text right up against their containers, much like how the images themselves push against their confines. The bottom portion is meant to be cut away, leaving a stair-case type pattern. I used a strong grid to structure the piece and manipulated the orientation of several text units, all in what I believe to be within a modern aesthetic. I chose the dark background with only hints of white and yellow to highlight both the text and the works scattered throughout the piece as well as invoke a polished, high-end look and feel.



Fall 2018, Adobe Illustrator

nib1 nib2 nib3

NIB was a brand I designed to be a set of mark-making tools that were not originally mark-making tools. Things like chess pieces, matches, and other items would be dipped in ink and then used to create unique marks.

I chose NIB as a name for this product as reference to a pen nib and because it felt closer to the creative process of making a mark then some of my other ideas did at the time. I chose very minimal packaging to allow the viewer to see the items and then behind them is the NIB logo repeated on an insert that sits behind the tools within the package.


Fall 2018, Adobe Dreamweaver: HTML5, CSS, Bootstrap

wham1 wham2 wham3

Wham! is a fictional company I created a website for. The site has several pages with and focuses on comic books, trading cards, and board games. It was my first-time using bootstrap to create a site and it took some getting used to, but ultimately it worked out in the end. Please visit the site to have a look for yourself: Wham!

I chose the blue, orange, and yellow color scheme to bring some life to the site and tried to use dynamic images full of color as well as the carousels to promote the same lively vibe.

The subject matter is near and dear to my heart and that fueled me to create this site which I am really proud of. The thing I am most proud of on this site is that each page has a different layout, but they all look like they’re from the same site.

A Very Rick and Morty Valentine's

Spring 2019, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop


My best friend Steve is the biggest fan of the show Rick and Morty you will ever meet in your entire life. He knows every episode, easter-egg, and cameo. His girlfriend is also a huge fan, so when he asked me if I wanted to recreate a Rick and Morty poster with the two of them as a Valentine's present I jumped at the chance.

Designing the characters was difficult because I had to mimic the Rick and Morty style, while also making them look like my friends. I used features like the noses, bodies, and colors to achieve the former, and things like hair color and clothing for the latter. I added texture to the ground and sky using photoshop, but other then that, everything was
created in Illustrator using the pen tool to go over a rough sketch.

Chapbook: Robert Granjon

Spring 2018, Adobe InDesign

chap1 chap1

This project had me design a chapbook style publication related to the life and career of
a famous typographer. I’ll be entirely honest that when I created this I had no idea who Robert Granjon was, or the amazing contributions he made to typography which still influence the work done today by existing typographers. The margins were set using
a star design which was consistent with the way they laid out margins in the time period of Robert Granjon. From there I worked to refine my line lengths, editing leading and spacing to make sure no one line had too many or too few words. This was a much more delicate experience than I first anticipated, but it’s something I could see myself doing in the future and that is why I included these three spreads.

Music Rankings Poster

Spring 2018, Adobe Illustrator

color shapes type

Each poster is organized differently. From left to right they're organized by color, shape, and type. Using these categories, I represented country of origin, genre of music, and their rank. I created these posters to illustrate my rankings of 25 musical artists.

I wanted the posters to be both informational but also beautiful, so I went with a blue background with transparent pink overlays to add depth and to show several shades of pink.

Movie Title Sequence: Harakiri

Fall 2018, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe After Effects, Adobe Audition


After reading the brief description, follow the link to view the video!

Harakiri is a tale about man who loses everything and seeks revenge on those who took the ones he loves from him. That part of the story is pretty basic, but this classic samurai movie made in the sixties puts a twist on the trope. The whole time we listen to the main character recount his story to those he seeks revenge against, in the end we find out his intentions and blood is spilt.

The colors in this piece have a variety of influences. The red is very simply based on the color of blood, but when paired with the color white, it almost evokes the Japanese flag. The tans and browns seen in the background for most of the video, paired with a light paper texture are meant to give the sense that the viewer is reading the story as it unfolds. The main font which you see for the title of the movie as well as the actor’s names is based on the original font used for the movie. This font has so much character and sums up the mood of the movie too perfectly to not pay homage to it. Hand-animation was used to provide an additional moving element but also to give an erratic feel and movement to a few scenes. While watching this I wanted to make the viewer feel even a fraction of the main characters feelings.